Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summertime Makeup: Avoid the Meltdown!

It is seriously a MYSTERY to me how women walk around during the sweltering Summer months wearing a full face of makeup. I'm not a master makeup artist, but I have discovered a plethora of tips to mask certain issues, though I have yet to discover a way to successfully wear a full face of makeup for an entire day in July or August! However, I have compiled a list of tips/techniques providing insight as to how to obtain a beautiful Summertime Look that will stay put!

During these HOTT months opt for a tinted moisturizer such as Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF. Tinted moisturizer provides sheer, natural coverage while moisturizing and protecting your skin. If you need to conceal dark circles and other skin blemishes, I suggest using a waterproof protective concealer on top of the moisturizer. Be sure to blend well.

2. Powder is your friend.
Loose powder is ideal for Summer simply because it contains less oils then liquid or cream based foundations. Lightly apply a thin layer of loose powder over your tinted moisturizer (and concealer if necessary) to create more coverage. Remember, don't go overboard with the powder! The sun will cause the consistency of the powder to change creating unwanted streaks on your face.

3. Blot Papers are your Best Friend.
I die for CVS brand oil absorbing sheets. They are at least one to two dollars cheaper than the other name brand sheets and work equally as well. Carry a pack of these in your purse and remove oil from you face at your discretion. Blot, don't rub to keep makeup in place.

4. Sweat-proof your eyelashes.
Waterproof mascara is a must-have item for your summertime makeup bag. It is a known fact that we hold sweat in our hair follicles, so when the hot Summer causes us to perspire, our eyelashes retain moisture. Waterproof mascara is the solution to this issue. Select the waterproof version of your favorite mascara brand and shade. I prefer jet black to add drama since less makeup is worn on the rest of the fact.

5. Tone down the lip.
Retire the creamy and thicker lipsticks, and opt for neutral shade sheer glosses. MAC Lustreglasses in Instant Gold and Beaux are great options for this. For protection against harmful rays, use a SPF lip balm beneath your gloss. If you're a girl who lives for color and bold lips, I suggest utilizing a long lasting and water resistant lip product such as Max Factor Lipfinity.

6. Get an Extra Glow.
Bronzer is a personal favorite item of mine for the Summer, however it must be applied correctly! Apply bronzer lightly to your chin, nose & cheeks only. I suggest using the Smashbox FAN BRUSH #22 or something comparable.

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