Monday, July 26, 2010

Summertime = Neon Hues

My two favorite colors are yellow and green simply because they are fabulously bright and cheery. They provide an instant jolt of energy and stimulation which is why I opted to paint my living room green and dining room yellow three years ago (which is seriously one of the best decorating ideas ever!). Not only do I enjoy rooms and clothing items in these fantastic hues, I die for the plethora of eye makeup available in these colors as well. And yes, I do combine the two colors within the same look to achieve absolute "eye candy". Let me tell you this color combination looks good enough to eat! While randomly viewing the photo gallery of an online fashion magazine I found a picture of Kim Kardashian (everyones favorite reality star turned entrepreneur) wearing the most fabulous makeup combination and thought I would share it with you beautiful people. Achieving Kim's look is not as difficult as it appears, all you need is the proper BRUSHES and makeup products, and you too can successfully achieve this look!


Step 1 – Be sure to properly cleanse and moisturize your skin prior to applying makeup. During the summer months, use a moisturizer that is lightweight, yet effective and combative against harsh UV rays from the sun.

Step 2 – Apply a face primer such as Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer to the entire face once the moisturizer has completely dissolved. The primer will act as a barrier between your skin and the foundation, providing a matte and smooth finish.

Step 3 – Apply a neutral color cream eye shadow such as MAC Tan Ray Paint over the entire eyelid and brow bone. Be sure to smooth the color out evenly with a blender brush and remove all creases to ensure that it dries down smooth. (Option - Fill in your eyebrows with the method of your choice. I recommend MAC's retractable brow pencil.)

Step 4 - Apply a lovely goldish-yellow eye shadow such as MAC Goldmine all over the entire lid (from the inner to the outer) making sure to not extend the color up into the brow bone area. Blend the color well.

Step 5 - To create definition, apply an intense green eye shadow with shimmer such as MAC Humid to the crease, and slightly to the outer crease for drama. Slightly highlight the brow bone area with a shimmery neutral shadow or bronzer that isn't too dark.

Step 6 - Using a white eyeliner, gently line the waterline on the bottom lid to create the illusion of brighter, wider eyes. Using the small angle brush (or liner brush) line the inner bottom lashline (just below the white liner) with the goldish-yellow shadow, and the outer with the deep green shadow. Gently smudge the colors for a more dramatic look.

Step 7 - Apply a line of black liquid eyeliner across the upper lash line, gradually increasing the width of the line from the inner corner to the outer.

Step 8 - Apply a lightweight liquid foundation over the entire face using a foundation brush. Use this as an opportunity to clean up any residue from the eye shadow and/or eyeliner. Next, apply liquid concealer to any imperfections that weren’t previous concealed by the primer.

Step 9 - Using a wide fluffy powder brush, apply a loose powder such as MAC Select Sheer/Pressed powder over the entire face with the exception of the eyes. This sets both the foundation and concealer creating a flawless face.

Step 10 - Using an angle blush brush or the wide fluffy powder brush, apply bronzer to the cheekbones and along the hairline. Be sure to initially apply lightly and gradually increase the amount of product. Using the same wide fluffy powder brush, apply a shimmer powder such as Estee Lauder Signature 5-Tone Shimmer powder to the bridge of the nose.

Step 11 - Line the lips with a neutral color lipliner such as MAC Cork lip liner. Next, apply a coral peach color lipstick such as Revlon Moon Drops - Creme Lipstick in Hot Coral. If you are a "gloss-kinda-gal" apply a sheer lip gloss such as MAC lustreglass over the lipstick & liner.

Step 12
- Apply two coats of a lengthening black mascara such as Maybelline Great Lash to the lashes.

Wear hair back in bun to showcase this Look. Also, opt for white and/or neutral color ensembles with this look. It is PERFECT for a Summer night out on the town!

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