Sunday, July 18, 2010


Happy Sunday Fabs! How many of you personally, or know someone who, have darker colored lips and feel that you are exempt from wearing certain color lipglosses, stains or lipsticks because of this? This post is especially for all of you. There are products and tricks in existence that allow every woman to successfully wear any color they feel! You know that concealer that many of us use to cover blemishes, and hide bags & dark circles beneath the eye??....That very same product works to "conceal lips" and create a bare canvas for the application of lip color. After moisturizing the lip with the moisturizer of your choice, take your lip brush and gently apply a thin layer of concealer over your lips. Once the concealer dries, paint on your lipstick and like magic, the true color of the lipstick appears. In addition to the concealer, another technique is to apply a lip primer to your lips prior to applying the lipstick. The primer neutralizes the lips and increases the effect of the lipstick. This technique is not as powerful as the latter, but effective nonetheless. If your lips have become darker due to smoking or reasons other then genetically based ones, cosmetic companies have created products that permanently lighten the color of the lips, however I cannot personally endorse a particular brand. Drink plenty of water and avoid dark caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee. Some experts believe these products darken lips.

Today marks the start a new week - try something NEW. Be FABULOUS!

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