Thursday, July 22, 2010

DeBunking the Makeup & Skin Myths!

Hello Fabs! I hope that you all have had a fabulous week thus far. I have been really busy with school and in fact, inspiration for this post was derived from one of my lovely classmates. Once she found out I was a makeup artist she begin to pick my brain about the different skin and makeup "tips" she had received throughout the years, and I became complete discouraged with the falseness of the information she had been fed. This post "Debunks" some common makeup and skin myths that we are all exposed to.

Myth: Blush is for adding color, not definition.
Truth: Cheek color does both – add definition and color. It can be used to add warmth to your face and to shape and contour, enhancing cheekbones to make your face appear thinner. More neutral tones of cheek color can also be uses to contour other areas of the face, such as the jawline, temples and the sides of the nose.

It is essential that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day to achieve beautiful, glowing skin.
Truth: The majority of the water we are supposed to consume is derived from foods. Raw produce, unlike regular H2O, has antioxidants that help strengthen cell walls so you stay hydrated.

Myth: Foundation should be used on the eyelids beneath the eye shadow to ensure the longevity of the makeup.
Truth: Foundation causes eye makeup to cake and crease. Use a neutral color makeup base such as MAC paint, or dust pale yellow powder onto bare lids to make eye shadow adhere.

Myth: Shaving makes hair grow back thicker.
Truth: When you shave, you’re seeing the blunt edges of the hair regrow all at the same time, so there’s an appearance of being thicker, but there’s no difference in the diameter or density of the hair. Also, hair doesn’t seem to grow in as thick in waxing, because the entire follicle is removed, so the hair coming back in is growing in different cycles.

Myth: Squinting or rubbing your eyes and face can cause wrinkles.
Truth: Wrinkles occur where they do because of the places where skin cells are squeezed millions of times by facial expressions. So, squinting, or any other repeated facial expression, like frowning or smiling, will lead to wrinkles when it is done enough times. (Although I don't suggest that you stop smiling, frowning-yes!)

Myth: Spritzing water or liquid based products, such as MAC Fix +, on your face will freshen makeup.
Truth: NO it won’t! Spraying water onto your made-up face will only cause your makeup to run.

Myth: Looking well-rested requires a full eight hours of sleep per night.
Truth: As our cells lose water, our skin looks ashy and sallow. Good hydration from moisturizers can help.

Myth: Concealer should ALWAYS be lighter than your foundation.
Truth: Concealer has many uses and its tone depends on its use. You may use a lighter toned concealer for under eye circles to counteract the shadow, but to cover a blemish you would use a tone similar to your foundation. There are also color-tinted concealers available for specific uses, such as green tint to cover redness. The number one rule is to BLEND BLEND BLEND your concealer until it disappears.

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