Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Recently my girlfriend Ashlee called me requesting suggestions for what type of makeup she should wear with blue mascara. I immediately told her the obvious answer according to her personal coloring (she is a caramel complected Black girl)- silver, purple & blue eye shadows with a nude or sheer pink colored lip gloss. But after talking to her I begin to think about the magic of colored mascara as a whole. I have always kept a blue mascara around for those days when I decided I wanted to make my dark brown eyes truly POP, but there are other colored mascaras that compliment and add subtle drama to eyes of all shades without making the wearer look as if he or she is attending a rave on Halloween!

For Brown Eyes - Turquoise & Navy Hues
For Blue Eyes - Purple & Brown Hues
For Green Eyes - Purple Hues (go richer)
For All Eyes - Rich Burgundy

Remember to conscious of the eye shadow you are wearing to compliment the colored mascara. Great rule of thumb when you are unsure about what combination(s) to wear - KEEP IT NATURAL & NEUTRAL. Have fun with different colors and don't be afraid to change it up!

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