Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Makeup Trend: Two-Tone Makeup

While skimming through various fashion magazines during the many flights I’ve taken this month, I noticed a reoccurring trend among the models in the advertisements and various celebrity photos – Two-Tone Makeup. What exactly is this two-tone makeup you ask? It is simply the usage of two tones (colors/shades) of product in a single area on the face. This contrasting technique accentuates the face and pronounces the features, and not to worry, it can easily transcend from the Runway and be rocked by everyday Fabs like you and me.


Use contrasting colors to add drama and make a statement. Try this sexy look for a date night or night out with the girls.


For a more subtle look, select two shades in the same family and apply the darker shade to the periphery, and the lighter, softer of the two in the center.


Layering bronzer and blush pronounces the cheekbones while adding definition. Experiment with a broad range of blush colors when creating this look.


Stylista Schuntel said...

I love the two tone make-up! I must try this out...asap

April Denise said...

Schuntel it was made for a girl like you ;)