Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kabuki Krazy

Happy Wednesday Dolls! I hope that you are all having a Fabulous week thus far. So.....if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my tweets singing praises to blush, one of my favorite, and one of the most necessary, cosmetic items for this time of the year specifically. We focus so much energy on perfecting that smokey eye or nude lip, and totally forget about the space between the two. Makeup application is about a balanced and complete look Dolls. Don't ignore the cheeks!

Blush is the product that will accentuate those lovely cheekbones when you smile, while adding much needed color to the face. While blush brings radiance to you face, it is important to know the proper ways to apply it. There are 3 techniques that I utilize when applying blush:

1. Applelonia - When utilizing this technique focus solely on the apples of the cheek and apply the color in round strokes to this area. I suggest smiling in order to find them. Finish off with some matte bronzer as a contour to further accentuate the apples.

2. Windburn - Windburn is my absolute FAVE technique for the Winter months. This look is natural giving the skin a healthy & flushed appearance. Apply the color to the apples of the cheeks and blend outward into hairline. Be sure that the color is evenly swept over the cheeks.

3. Blushbaby - This technique is for that girl who absolutely LOVES blush and color! First apply the color to the apples of the cheeks, next blend both outward to the ears and upward to the temples. Next lightly apply the color to the hairline surrounding the forehead making sure to blend well. Lightly dust some color from the chin outward along the jawline. Again BLEND BLEND BLEND!

I suggest utilizing a creme blush as a base when utilizing any of these techniques. Also, gradually apply the color to you face. Blush is totally buildable. Don't be afraid of color - EXPERIMENT! That's the beauty of makeup, you can take it off ;) Have a Fab rest of the week Beauties.

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