Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tricks of the Trade

Hey Beauties!! I apologize for not blogging in a few weeks, I was completely overwhelmed with my mother's wedding (which I will post photos from next week) and super important exams at school. Needless to say, I'm BACK and ready to continue inspiring you to be Fabulous & Stunning! We are all Beautiful, however it is very necessary to update your Beauty from time to time, with that being said, this post is dedicated to my ladies who are in a "Beauty Slump". Now is the time to "Update your Beauty" and the following tips will catapult this process.

1. Always rock clean and perfect skin.
Experiment with different foundation formulas of various levels of coverage until you find the one that works wonders and literally "looks like skin". The object is to appear as natural as possible while looking as perfect as possible.

2. Opt for thick, well-defined brows. Long gone are the days of thin and sparse brows. Volume, with a side of definition, is the key. Growing the brows out completely can take from 6 mos up to a year, and while I understand this process is excruciating, there are products in existence to help you along(brow gels, brow pencils, muted shadows & concealers).

3. A pop of color on the lip is so necessary. During the Winter months, your skin loses the color you procured during the Spring & Summer months. This is the main reason why a vibrantly beautiful color is needed on the lips. Find a hue that works best for your complexion and can be rocked everyday. Plums and Reds are extremely popular this season. **With colors such as these a lip pencil is essential.

4. You can't lose with a golden eye. Soft gold and luminous beige eye shadows will always perfect any look. These hues are soft enough to compliment any brow, lip or blush, yet bold enough to draw attention to the eyes. Pair with a fabulous lash elongating black mascara for timeless look. Dress up your eyes Dolls!

5. Turn bad hair days into bun days. Ladies there is NO SUCH THING as a bad hair day in 2010. With the plethora of non structured hairstyles in existence, there is always a way to save the hair. When it's time for the weave to be washed and tightened simply pull the hair up or back (depending on your preference) into a messy bun or loose braid for an effortless look. If you are rockin a short cut, use pins or a headband to achieve a look of effortlessness.

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