Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let Your Colors Burst!

Happy Sunday Beauties!! As I was going through my closet attempting to find an outfit to wear to brunch, I became inspired to write this blog. Since moving to LA I have embraced the gorgeous weather and become open to incorporating more color into my wardrobe, and not limiting it to my face and feet. I'll admit that I was the self-proclaimed Queen of a "splash of color", but now I am literally a walking colorburst and I LOVE IT! I love pairing a bright colored babydoll dress with a pair of sky-high platforms in a complimentary hue. And opaque tights in the colors of navy, burgundy and dark purple bring life to my uninteresting neutral ensembles. When I want to make my ensemble more interesting I normally make my shoe selection first and build from there. While wearing black does make your silhouette appear slimmer, color gives you life and personality.

**Color coordinating your closet aids in making wardrobe selections.